Wondering How Much Sod You Need For Your Project?


Sod is simply grass and a small part of the soil beneath it held together by the root system or in some cases by a thin layer of biodegradable material. It creates an instant lawn, it creates a healthy environment. Sod reduces heat, glare, noise and odors, and it cleans the air. 

Wondering how much mulch you need for your project?

St. Augustine

St. Augustine Palmetto

  • Performs well in many environments, including full sun or shade
  • Thrives in moderate to heavily shaded areas
  • Has an exceptional dark green color
  • Requires less irrigation than other St.Augustine varieties
  • Good cold tolerance

St. Augustine Floratam

  • Thrives in direct sunlight and provides an attractive, plush looking lawn 
  • Adaptable in many soil conditions 
  • Attractive with an appealing blue-green hue
  • Establishes quickly and is the most vigorous of any St. Augustine variety

St. Augustine Bitter Blue

  • Thrives in shady environments while other St. Augustine varieties require substantial amounts of direct sunlight 
  • Darker blue-green color, with a finer texture
  • Good cold tolerance when compared to Floratam

St. Augustine Seville

  • Attractive turfgrass with a fast horizontal growth habit 
  • Purple stolon color and long leaf blade giving the grass a fine leaf appearance
  • Blue-green color with excellent color retention
  • Hardwearing in demanding climates 
  • Tolerates salt and shade


Empire Turf

  • Performs well in hot, humid climates and in a variety of soils
  • Moderate to good shade tolerance
  • Medium blade, soft textured turf
  • Excellent drought, cold and wear tolerance 
  • Can be overseeded in winter
  • No chinch bugs




Bermudagrass Celebration

  • Durability and adaptibility to the southern climate; grows into a lush deep-green lawn
  • Thrives in heat and humidity
  • Highly tolerant of mildly alkaline soils and grows well in near neutral soil with regular fertilization
  • Excellent cold & wear tolerance

Specialty sods can be ordered based on needs

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