What happens when you overwater your flowers

With the arrival of spring, a lot of people are noticing their flowers starting to go brown or dying. If you are one of these people, it’s time to learn how to avoid overwatering your landscaping this spring. What happens when you overwater your flowers Overwatering your landscaping can be very problematic. When you overwater […]

Cost-Effective Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

As you may know, it can be tough to stick to a strict budget when improving your Landscaping. One way to achieve great results without breaking the bank is by working with M&W Landscaping Supply. Whether you are trying to create amazing landscaping results or if you are looking for more affordable landscaping supplies, M&W […]

DIY Landscaping Ideas: How To Create A Backyard Oasis On A Budget

Many people in the United States do not have much green space in their backyards. For some, it’s just a small grass patch  that separates their home from the sidewalk. Many homeowners don’t want to hire someone to do this because it’s expensive and too time consuming. Even if your budget is limited, there are […]

Landscaping Tips for Homeowners in Florida

Landscaping Tips For Homeowners in Florida Due to the intense heat and sandy soils in Florida, landscaping can be a challenge for homeowners. We understand the struggle to preserve the lawn, grow a flower bed or grow a vegetable garden. Fortunately, there are resources and tips on gardening, watering, fertilizing, composting that can help you […]

Mulch 101 for Florida Homeowners

Mulch 101 for Florida Homeowners What Is Mulch? In its simplest form, mulch is any substance that covers the surface of the soil. In nature, mulch is simply fallen leaves and plant debris. In the garden, mulch can contain compost, wood chips, rotten fertilizer, cardboard and even seaweed. The sustainable environmental benefits of mulch have […]